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  • Abnormal: Differing from normal.
  • Allele: One of the two copies of each gene containing specific inheritable characteristics.
  • Ambulation (Ambulatory): Walking or being able to walk.
  • Analysis: Examination to discover characteristics or meanings.
  • Autosomal: The gene for the disorder is not on a sex chromosome (X or Y), indicating that the abnormal gene can affect males or females equally.
  • Autosomal Dominant: Describes a genetic disorder such as OI that is caused by a gene that is not linked to a sex chromosome and that is cause by a single abnormal gene.
  • Autosomal recessive: Autosomal recessive is one of several ways that a trait, disorder, or disease can be passed down through families. An autosomal recessive disorder means two copies of an abnormal gene must be present in order for the disease or trait to develop.